The DSE multicyclone unit 24x4 is a separation system specially designed for the dewatering of heterogeneous solid-liquid mixtures.
The system is equipped with 24 hydro-cyclones with a diameter of 4 "and four panel sieves. The multi-cyclone unit 24x4 is therefore an optimal extension for the separation system of the type TSP300.


The multi-cyclone unit consists of a 4PSM screening machine, 24x4 ”cyclones, support frame, piping, distributor, overflow collector, fittings and a pump package including an electrical switch unit.

The 4PSM screening machine, which is equipped with a tilt adjustment option and a feed box, has four panel screens with all screen accessories. The vibration screening machines can be equipped with a large selection of different tension and frame screens, which are available in mesh sizes from 4 mm to 45 μm.

The multicyclone unit is fed via a pump package consisting of a Warman pump type 200-200 DMU, a motor, a pump frame and a switching unit.

Vibration screening machine 4PSM

Length 3.300 mm
Width 1.880 mm
Height 1.600 mm

Pump package

Length 2.390 mm
Width 1.020 mm
Height 1.900 mm
Siebmaschine mit Zykloneinheit
Lendth 3.200 mm
Width 2.400 mm
Height 2.720 mm
Height installed  5.700 mm
Total weight (approx.)   5.100 kg

Nominal fluid capacity (max.)* 260 m³/h
Total power supply 78 kW

* Depending on the composition of the material to be separated, the values can vary or be higher.

Vibration screening machine 4PSM
Number installed 1 no
Number of decks (each) 1 no
Deck angle adjustment -5° to +3°
Total screen area 3.2 m²
Screen panels per shaker 4 no
Vibration motors
Rated power (each with) 2 x 3.6 kW
Voltage 400V / 50Hz / 3phase
Number installed 24 no
Diameter/cone size 100 mm (4”)
Cut point d50 25 μm²
Centrifugal feed pump
Number installed 1 no
Rated power** 75 kW
Voltage 400V / 50Hz / 3phase

** Deviations possible


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