separation plant

The AgraSEP is a separation plant especially developed for solid-liquid separation of mainly organic charged substrates.

These include among others: Manures of all kind (cattle manure, pig manure etc.), Fermentation residues from biogas plants and Wastewaters from washing of vegetables

The aim is to separate the liquid phase as effective as possible and with low energy demand from the solid phase to enable a better = reasonable disposal of the obtained phases (solid/liquid).


The suspension is being delivered by means of an eccentric screw pump on a high-frequency vibration screening machine, which operates with an accelerating power of up to 6G.

The screening machine performed as double-deck can be equipped fast and flexibly with different mesh sizes from 0.038 up to 5.00 mm and thereby enable an efficient separation and dewatering performance.

The filtrate (liquid) from the underflow of the screening machine reaches the storage tank of the system. The sieved material (solid) with a dry matter content of 10 – 15 %¹ will be delivered over a chute to the downstreamed screw press for further dewatering.

The solid discharge of the screw press will be fed into a storage tank or alternatively over a conveyed medium for further application/ disposal.

The filtrate of the screw press also reaches the storage tank and will thence again be delivered via a pump on the screening machine.

The filtrate (liquid) from the underflow of the screening machine reaches the storage tank of the system as already described before. Thence it will be conveyed by means of an eccentric screw pump for further application/ disposal.

Length 4.900 mm
Width 2.200 mm
Height 3.100 mm
Weight ca. 5.000 kg
Capacity (max.)* 30 m³/h
Total power 18.5 kW

* According to composition of the input material the values can vary, could be more

Electrical supply 32A CEE-Socket


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