DMU 200-200-90TP

Pump packages


The DMU200-200 TP pump package is a stand alone system for operation in 6” or 8” feed lines in tunnel constructions. It is suitable as a tunnel pump for operation with Herrenknecht® AVN control containers.
The DMU200-200 TP can be used from a tunnel diameter of 1200mm.

The discharge pipe of the pump is replaceable and coated inside with 3mm polyurethane to prevent wear.

Optionally left or right of frame.

The system includes a WARMAN ® DMU200-200 type slurry pump, VEM® electric motor 1000V / 50Hz / 60Hz / 90 kW, rigid 20mm base frame with crane eyes and rollers for moving in the tunnel pipe, automatic packer grease lubrication system type Lincoln® P203, pressure sensors suction -and discharge side type WIKA® - 1… 9 bar, Profibus peripheral module type Beckhoff® BK3020.

Lenght 2690 mm
Width 862 mm
Height 1084 mm
Weight (approx.) 1598 kg

Flow (at 3,6 bar): 335 m³/h

Voltage           1000 V / 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Power 90kW
Manufacturer           VEM
rpm max. 1482 1/min

Manufacturer WARMAN R
Typ DMU200-200
rpm max. 1490 1/min
connection suction/discharge 8" (DN200)Vic/8" (DN200) Vic

Voltage 1000 V/ 50 Hz
fuse 160A preliminary fuse


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