Clay baller CS400


Clayballer CS400



The DSE 400 CS screening machine is used to dewater heterogeneous solid-liquid mixtures. With an acceleration force of up to 4 G it sets the frame sieves installed on it in motion, whereby the solid particles contained in the suspended suspension are dewatered. The DSE 400 CS was developed as an upstream screening machine to separate coarse stones, gravel and, above all, clay lumps from the drilling suspension to be further separated. As the first station in the separation cascade, it fits perfectly with the 6PSD, 5PSM, 4PSM and is installed using a suitable frame above the screening machines mentioned. The DSE 400 CS can also be installed separately on a tank basin. Thanks to the variable inclination angle of + 20 °… + 35 °, the screening machine can be adapted to all conditions. The relatively steep angle of inclination prevents clumping and sticking of the screen surface if the clay content in the drilling suspension is high.

  •  Separation of coarse stones and clay lumps
  •  Equipped with 8 frame sieves arranged on one level, which are available in stainless   steel or polyurethane, depending on the area of ​​application
  •  Screen angle adjustment system for direct adaptation to the respective requirement   situation
  • Drilling fluids in the construction industry (e.g. tunnel construction, horizontal and vertical drilling)
length   3 397 mm
wight        1,858 mm 
height   2,822 mm
weight (approx.)      3,067 kg





installed    2 pc.
installed power    2 x 3.6 kW
voltage  400V / 50Hz / 3phase   




installed  8  pieces
move    linear
surface  2,9  m²
angle adjustment      +20° bis +35°          
flow max.      500 m3/h







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