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DSE Shaker


DSE Shaker


The 12-panel screening machine 6 PSD is used to dewater heterogeneous solid-liquid mixtures. With an acceleration force of up to 6.3 G it sets the frame sieves installed on it in motion, whereby the solid particles contained in the suspended suspension are dewatered. The grain size limit or the degree of fineness of the separation results from the mesh size of 11 x 3.5 mm to 11 x 0.3 mm and panel screens fine made of woven stainless steel with mesh sizes of 70 mesh (210µ / 0.21 mm) to 325 mesh (45 µm / 0.045 mm).


  • Separation of fines in the critical range from 100 to 45 µm
  • Equipped with 12 frame screens arranged on one level, which are available in stainless steel or polyurethane depending on the application
  • Screen angle adjustment system for direct adjustment to the respective requirement situation
  • Thanks to the hammer wedge fastening system, the screens can be exchanged quickly and easily


  • Drilling fluids in the construction industry (e.g. tunnel construction, horizontal and Vertical drilling)
  • Industrial sludge (e.g. coke dust, tea oil, glass fiber-water mixtures)
  • Agriculture (e.g. drainage of cow dung or organic waste)
  • Sludge dewatering in gravel and sand processing
  • Classification of sand grains in gravel plants

Transport dimensions

length 4750 mm
width 2300 mm
height 1750 mm
Weight 5470 mm

Technical specifications

Vibration motors

installed number 4pc
installed power 4 x 3.6 kW
power supply 400V / 50Hz / 3 phase 400/50 / 3Ph

Panel screens fine

Installed number  12 pcs
movement type linear
total sieve area 6.47 m²
inclination angle -5 ° to + 3 °
Flow max.   450 m³/h


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