Separation Tunnelsektor

Centrifugal technology & separation systems

Our innovative separation equipment as well as our centrifuge technology are specially fitted for use in tunnel construction, microtunnelling and deep hole drilling.
Especially for use in deep hole drilling with a wide layer of fine-grained material such as fine sand or slip, a high solids abrasivity and a significant material throughput, our machines ensure high performance, high efficiency and a long service life.

We currently have the following separation and decanter systems in our range:

  • mobile decanter system DSE ZR15046
  • mobile decanter system DSE ZR17254
  • Polymer system AFU3000
  • Separation plant DSE 400
  • Separation system DSE 400 II
  • Separation system DSE TSP300
  • Separation system DSE 330
  • individual screening machines DSE 35PSM, DSE 400CS, DSE 400PS, GeoSep II, 4PSM, 5PSM, 6PSD
  • Mud conditioner 24 x 4 ", 3 x 12" or 2 x 15 "

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