DSE Separation plant



DSE Separation plant


The DSE TSP300 is a compact separation plant and specially designed for processing of slurries and removal of mineral solids from the slurry circuit in drilling or other associated applications with high content of silt.

Instead of a collection of equipment from various sources, the DSE TSP300 is a field-proven network of separation components specifically designed to function as a single unit. During each separation stage, a maximum of solid particles is removed from the slurry. The modular system guarantees continuous and fast advance rates, reducing downtimes to a minimum.The innovative screening technology combined with hydrocyclones constitutes a complete recycling concept, providing optimal removal of critical fine particles down to 45 microns and guaranteeing constant slurry properties.

The DSE TSP300 is composed of one (1) linear motion vibration screening machine for separation of coarse solids such as gravel, pebble and coarse to medium sand, three (3) hydro-vacuum-cyclones with a cone size of 12” or two (2) hydro-vacuum-cyclones with a cone size of 15”, one (1) linear motion vibration screening machine for removal and dewatering of the hydrocyclone’s underflow containing solids such as fine sand and silt, one (1) 20 ft. process tank with one (1) integrated centrifugal feed pump, one (1) central control cabinet and accessories.

Adjustable discharge chutes, fold-away platform and pluggable railing for safe working and good access provide a plug-and-play solution. Assembly time is therefore reduced to a minimum. Feeding of shakers and cyclones is accomplished by an integrated fixed piping and wiring system in a minimal footprint.

The single-deck vibration screening machines can be easily and flexibly equipped with a wide range of different panel screens made of steel or polyurethane which are available from 4 mm mesh width down to 45 μm.

Tank (incl. pumps and folded working platform)

Length 6 080 mm
Width  2 439 mm
Height    4 542 mm (ausgeklappt)
Height 3 820 mm

Screening machine 4PSM      

Length   3 300  mm
Width    1 880  mm
Height       3 820  mm

Screening machine with cyclone unit                     

Length     3 200  mm
Width 2 400  mm
Height    2 720  mm
Height     5 700  mm (montiert)
Gesamtgewicht (ca.)        16 250 kg









Nominal fluid capacity (max.)2    300 m³/h
Total power supply     70    kW



Number installed      2 no.
Number of decks (each)   1 no
Deck angle adjustment        -5° bis +3°
Total screen areae    6.4  m²
Screen panels per shaker            4  no






Rated power (each with))       4 x 3.6   kW
Voltage       400V / 50Hz / 3phase



Number installed   2 no
Diameter/ cone size          381  mm (15”)
Cut point d50 43µm²



Number installed            3 St.
Diameter/ cone size   305 mm (12”)
Cut point d50 25   μm[1]



Number installed      1 no
Rated power[5]          55 kW
Voltage       400V / 50Hz / 3pha




[2]The capacity of the DSE TSP300 is subject to the slurry properties, solids loading, grain size  distribution, screen selection, and properties along with operating conditions, and might be differ than specified.
[3](at 0.8 bar + 2 x 120 m³/h)
regarded to - viscosity: 80kg/m*s ; density suspension: 1,47 kg/l ; density dry content: 2,48 t/m³[4] (at 1.1 bar + 3 x 78 m³/h)
regarded to - viscosity: 80kg/m*s ; density suspension: 1,47 kg/l ; density dry content: 2,48 t/m³
[5] subject to change


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