DSE Separationsanlage


The DSE 400-II separation system is used to dewater heterogeneous solid-liquid mixtures. The DSE 400-II was developed as a modular separation system to separate coarse stones, gravel and, above all, clay lumps, as well as fine parts such as silt and silt from the drilling suspension to be separated. As a compact separation system, it can also be used efficiently on tight construction sites. The DSE 400-II separation system can also be combined as a first cascade with other separation systems, for example with a further 24x4 multi-cyclone unit on another tank basin in order to separate further fine silt. As a result, a smaller decanter than usual can be used in the separation cascade.

1x screening machine DSE400CS coarse separator, 1x frame with funnel and platforms, 1x screening machine 6PSD, 1x tank basin incl. Pump WARMAN DMU200-200-75 kW and switchgear, 1x cyclone battery (2x 15 ") incl. Matching frame. Disassembled, the separation system DSE 400-II consists of 4 transportable parts.

  • Drilling fluids in the construction industry (e.g. tunnel construction, horizontal and vertical      drilling)

Due to the variable inclination angle of + 20 °… + 35 °, the DSE400CS screening machine can be adapted to all conditions. The relatively steep angle of inclination prevents clumping and sticking of the screen surface if the clay content in the drilling suspension is high. A variable sieve assembly guarantees an adapted usability.

The 6PSD screening machine is equipped with 2 tracks with 6 screens each and thus offers a variable screen design, either 12x identical 

screens (variant 1) or one track each with 6x coarse screens and one track with 6 fine screens each (variant 2).

Variant 1: Both funnel openings open at the bottom - the entire volume flow of the underflow of the DSE400CS is applied to both sieve tracks of the 6PSD (12x identical sieves, e.g. 1mm sieve mesh). Cyclones 2x15 "off, pump in the tank basin as transfer pump or pump off and direct removal of the AVN feed pump.

Variant 2: A funnel opening for a sieve track open - the entire volume flow of the underflow of the DSE400CS is fed onto a sieve track of the 6PSD (6x coarser sieves, e.g. 1mm sieve mesh). The 2x15 “cyclones are operated by means of the integrated pump WARMAN DMU200-200-75 and the underflow of the cyclones is placed on the 2nd screen track of the 6PSD (6x screens e.g. 230 mesh - 0.063 mm screen mesh).

Length 3 397  mm
Width 1 858  mm
Height   2 822  mm
Weight (approx.) 3 067   kg


Installed 2 pc.
installed power 2x 3.6 kW
Voltage  400V / 50Hz / 3phase
Installed     8 pc.
Movement         linear
Surface    2,9 m²
Angle adjustment   +20° bis +35°    
Flow max.    400 m3/h  






Length    4 100  mm
Width  2 500  mm
Height           2 380  mm
Weight (approx.)    4 425  kg





Length   4 600  mm
Width     2 118  mm
Height  1 700  mm
Weight (approx.)      5 467     kg





Installed      4 pcs.
Installed power     4 x 3.6   kW
Voltage   400V / 50Hz / 3phase





Installed   4 pcs.
Movement  linear
Surface   6,5 m²
Angle adjustment   -5° bis +3° 
Flow max.  400 m3/h






Length      6 040  mm
Width    2 420  mm
Height     2 500  mm
Weight (approx.)    7 343  kg





Length    6 500 mm
Width    4 900 mm
Height  7 500 mm
Weight (approx.)           20.311   kg






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