AgraMASTER mobile system

Separation plant

The AgraMASTER is a mobile, compact and innovative system that guarantees efficient and effective nutrient management of liquid manure and fermentation residues as well as waste water from slaughterhouses or vegetable processing. The aim here is to separate the liquid phase from the solid phase as effectively as possible and with a low energy requirement, in order to enable a more cost-effective disposal of the phases (solid / liquid) obtained.

The AgraMASTER is a processing plant that is optimally assembled from proven separation components and functions as a self-contained system. As many solids as possible are removed in each separation stage.


The functionality of the AgraMASTER corresponds to the standard AgraSEP system. The separation system is redundant in two parts and is built on a tiered semi-trailer. Each of the two parts of the plant is equipped with a 2-chamber tank system, a platform with foldable platforms, two vibration screening machines, a screw conveyor, a screw press, and an eccentric screw pump to return the press concentrate to the screening machine. The separation plant is charged using an eccentric screw pump. The liquid phase of both parts of the system is drawn off with a rotary lobe pump. wear. Both parts of the system can be controlled individually or simultaneously with a mobile touch panel. The system has a self-sufficient power supply from a diesel generator. The vibratory screening machines have two screening levels. The upper sieve level is used to separate coarse solids, the lower sieve level to separate and dewater finer particles. The tensioning screen installed on the upper deck is available in mesh sizes from 0.25 mm to 5 mm. The lower deck consists of 3 frame screens, which are available in mesh sizes from 40 μm to 500 μm. Due to the large number of different sieve variations, there is a high degree of flexibility in adapting to the material to be separated. The thickened material is drained residual water in a screw press and removed via a conveyor belt. In addition to the solid and liquid phase, the material separated from the coarse components can optionally be removed separately on the lower decks of the vibratory screening machines. The AgraMASTER combines the advantages of a screw press and the vibration sieve technology that has already been used successfully in other applications for the best possible dry matter content in the solid phase and a high degree of separation in the liquid phase.

Length  13.620 mm
Width 3.000 mm
Height 4.000 mm
Height 2.438 mm
Weight ca. 27.000 kg
Nominal fluid capacity (max.)* 80 m³/h
Total power supply  117 kW

* depending on the type and consistency of the raw material to be processed: 80 m³ / h biogas digestate; 120 m³ / h pig manure




Shaker 8 x 2,5 kW = 20,0 kW
Feed pump 2 x 11,0 kW = 22,0 kW
Discharge pump = 15,0 kW
Recirculation pump 2 x 7,5 kW = 15,0 kW
Fine fraction pump 2 x 4,0 kW = 8,0 kW
Screw conveyor 2 x 2,0 kW = 4,0 kW
Screw press 2 x 11,0 kW = 22,0 kW
Hydraulic power pack = 15,0 kW
high pressure cleaner = 8,0 kW
Pre-shredder hydraulisch
Shaker upper deck 0,25 mm bis 5 mm
Shaker under deck 40 μm bis 500 μm
Screw press gap opening 0,5 mm (default)
(0,25/0,75/1,0 mm possible)
Raw material loading Perrot 6 Zoll
Discharge liquid phase Perrot 6 Zoll
Discharge of fine fraction Perrot 6 Zoll
Discharge solid phase Conveyor belt 150° pivotable


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