GeoSep II

GeoSep II


The GeoSep II was specially developed for use in the solid-liquid separation of mineral and organic substrates.

This includes, among other things, the separation of:

  • Drilling mud of any kind
  • any kind of manure (cattle manure, pig manure etc.)
  • Digestate from biogas plants
  • Wash water when processing vegetables

The aim is to separate the liquid components from the solid components as effectively as possible and with a low expenditure of energy, in order to enable better = cost-effective and sustainable disposal of the phases contained (solid / liquid).

The suspension is conveyed to the high-frequency screening machine by means of a pump, which works with an acceleration power of up to 6G.

The shaker, which is designed as a double-deck screening machine, can be quickly and flexibly equipped with screens of various mesh sizes from 0.038 to 5.00 mm and thus enables efficient separation and dewatering.

length 1920 mm
width 820 mm
height 15 mm
weight approx. 8kg
sieve area  approx.1,45 m³
length Gap opening sieve 3,5 mm ... 0,25 mm

3 panel screens fine can be installed on the lower deck of the screening machine.

Information about a frame sieve:

length 1253 mm
width 635 mm
height 25 mm
weight approx.15,4 kg
sieve area approx.0,8 m³
slit opening sieve 1 mm ... 0,037 mm
drive power 2 x 2,88 kW = 5,76 kW
tension 400 V
frequency 50 Hz
rotational speed 1500 U/Min.
length  2700 mm
width 1900 mm
height 1700 mm
weight approx. 2000 kg
capacity (max.) *
total output capacity (max.) *
50 m³/h (mineralisch)
30 m³/h (organisch)
overall performance 5,76 kW

* Depending on the composition of the material to be separated, the values can vary or be higher

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